How to care your feet

How to care your feet

This week we leave a useful tip for a great look this summer feet.

Sometimes our feet are swollen or tired. For this ailment it is best to dip our feet in cold water to activate circulation and lower the inflammation so upset. Besides that you can give light massage with our Coolling Gel Tired Legs, besides deflate and look better.

Use cosmetics

Another excellent recommendation is to use cosmetic products that will help us make our feet feel and look better. After each shower we should apply Moisturizer for all our feet, and gently massage. It is very important to apply a larger amount of cream in the heel, which is usually a favorable area for the development of hardness.

Remove calluses

During the shower it is best to use a pumice stone to help eliminate calluses. In fact, there are now for sale electrical products that meet this task more easily. Just remember that the use must be careful, because misuse can cause injuries.

Buy Templates

Templates are also helpful when it comes to taking care of our feet. Besides that correct our posture, prevent injury or discomfort. There are of varying quality and prices.

Caring for toenails

The nails are part of our feet which we must also pay attention to them. At all times the nails must be short. Otherwise we may have problems with them, as some are usually nailed to the skin of our fingers if they are not cared for. As we know, the situation becomes very annoying and painful, sometimes sparing walking. Cut your nails regularly will prevent that, plus it will give them a better look at our feet. We always recommend taking square nails cut the finger off peak and not be nailed.

Clean your feet daily

Finally our feet should be washed daily during bathing. Of course, in the end we must dry thoroughly feet with a towel and leave them outdoors even a few minutes. Thus we avoid the appearance of fungi.

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