Who uses ours products

Who uses ours products

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Trancas, guionista,

Aloe Vera Collection line is having very good acceptance among television recognizable characters such as actress Nerea Barros protagonist of the film recently released “The Low Island”, the renowned Dj Valdi of The anthill, Juanito Ibáñez in this program is “Trancas” and Acevedo, great writer, is “Rajoy”.

Thanks to its many applications, the most successful products including Aloe Vera Gel are Chamomile and Muscle Cream Cool / Heat.

The Aloe Vera Gel can be used as regenerating, healing, shaving, waxing, after sunbathing, under your moisturizer to effectively treat dryness cream.

On the other hand, muscle cream can be applied for both muscle aches, and for migraine headaches, relieve aching feet after a long day ….

As you can see, they know how to choose well.

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