How to avoid poor blood circulation

How to avoid poor blood circulation

This week we will discover some tips to combat poor circulation in legs, being our star product this time the “Cooling Gel Tired Legs”.

Cold is one of the best weapons to improve blood circulation throughout the body, specifically in the legs. For this reason Spa in Cosmetics® has designed a  Cooling Gel Tired Legs to combat poor circulation.

To begin, let’s classify some of the solutions that would help us with this problem so annoying:

1. Application of cold showers in the legs. These must apply the least twice a day to relax your legs and improve your state.

2. The slope of the bed in which we sleep is another measure we take to improve circulation in the legs. The biggest problem is that the return of blood does not work well, and this is what causes fluid retention and poor circulation. To encourage this return, please put your legs up as best solution. To achieve this, we must raise the feet in bed one centimeter above the headboard, or failing that, place the legs on pillows.

3. Another solution to improve leg circulation and improve drainage of them is to use the Cooling Gel Tired legs to go to sleep. So get stimulating blood circulation to the fullest while we rest.

4. Massage is another remedy that we should consider to improve the state of our legs, because with them we will stimulate blood circulation and improving return accelerating it, which we avoid the accumulation of fluid in the body. These can give us massages on us or may be another person that we apply them. To make these changes, we can use ice creams refreshing effect that will increase the inherent effects of massage. In this case, we recommend Cooling Gel Tired Legs intended to alleviate heaviness and leg circulation.

5. As usually happens, the sport is one of the best tools to improve circulation. For the legs, is indispensable that we can not ignore, because sedentary is a direct enemy to good circulation. Therefore, it is necessary that we get up to walk, run, cycle or do any activity that triggers our body and help us stay healthy.

Surely in a few days you will feel much better.

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