Aloe Vera properties

Aloe Vera properties

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In Spa in Cosmetics® will find beauty and health tips to help you get more out of your skin. This week we will discover some properties of Aloe Vera from which we can enjoy our “Pure Aloe Vera Gel“.

The use of aloe vera in beauty spreads day. To easily penetrate the three layers of the skin. Epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, eliminates bacteria and accumulated fat that usually clogs the skin pores. On the other hand, being rich in vitamins, enzymes, minerals and natural nutrients, allows the reproduction of new cells. Using aloe vera consistently can prevent premature wrinkles and slow the normal age. It can be used without problems under makeup. Another common use in beauty is is like sunscreen, contributing in cases of prolonged use, to remove stains caused by the sun.

It’s great to counteract the effects after shaving, when the skin is damaged by the passage of the blades, preventing redness and rashes. It also prevents and eliminates small grooves.


It is ideal for application to the skin after sun exposure because it is very effective in regenerating the most superficial layers of the same. Applying “Aloe Vera Pure Gel” or “Aloe Vera Gel Soothing” on the skin immediately relieve minor burns avoiding also the cells continue heating spreading to neighboring cells.


It is a treatment that can claim a long time. It should be applied on the scars, both morning and evening and may be combined with Vitamin E, which makes it even more effective.


To treat acne with aloe vera it should apply more than once per day on cleansed skin. The aloe can regenerate tissues from the inside outward, absorbing excess fat. During the first few days is quite possible that the condition seems worse but this is normal and just requires patience. Used regularly, Aloe also reduces gradually, the scars caused by acne. It should be applied morning and evening time needed.

Irritation and itching

deal for the crotch area, often irritated due to heat and constant friction. In this case Aloe should be applied twice daily to the affected area, disappearing injury in a day or two.

To combat the aforementioned drawbacks, we recommend using the “Pure Aloe Vera Gel” or “Aloe Vera Calming Gel” and to apply these before your usual moisturizer.

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