How to remove acne

How to remove acne

In Spa in Cosmetics® will find beauty and health tips to help you get more out of your skin. This time we will discuss how to eliminate acne with the help of our “Pure Aloe Vera Gel” or with the “Aloe Vera Calming Gel”, which has a scent of Chamomile very gentle and relaxing.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions. It is produced by segregation of excess fat from the sebaceous glands.

Usually occurs mainly in young people 11-30 years and there are many factors that cause: heredity, poor diet (especially by eating fatty foods), obstructions in the pilosebaceous canal, hormonal changes (especially prolific in the beginning adolescence), bacteria …

It is not easy to cure acne, however, however, treated in a timely and appropriate way we can combat outbreaks and achieve never scratch. This requires tackle it from its earliest outbreaks, follow these two basic tips will help to prevent:

1) Maintain good hygiene in more prone to acne areas.

2) Caring for food and limit your intake of fatty foods (chocolate, meats, dairy, refined flour …).

The most visible symptom is the dreaded acne pimples. Produced by the accumulation of sticking to the skin cells, sebaceous gland is obstructed its natural outlet to the outside and the interruption causes a small clot to you denominas shin. This alteration can take two forms: a grain of white head, when it is not associated with hair follicle, and a blackhead or pimple open when associated to a hair follicle. Poorly treated pimples may become entrenched, lead to pustules or infected, mainly due to the effect of bacteria, as we have said proliferate uncontrollably when segregation of sebum increases. How to treat acne with aloe vera?

The aloe, has bacterial and astringent (regulators of fat) properties that make it ideal for treating acne. However requires an effective and consistent treatment, as it is a very rebellious condition and often sprouts after controlled.

To fight acne condition is fundamental attack on two points:

1) Internally aloe juice, the purifying and regulating power will lower body fat levels secreted by the sebaceous glands.

2) From the outside, first attempting release impurities affected area and deep cleansing and secondly applying aloe gel (“Pure Aloe Vera Gel or with Chamomile“) thereby get dry grain, due to its quality astringent, and secondly prevent bacterial flora proliferate and infect other nearby areas.

The “Aloe Vera Gel Spaincosmetics” will also help you:

  • Cool, smooth and moisturize the skin.
  • Accelerate recovery and regeneration.
  • Strengthen the skin against all kinds of (internal and external) attacks.

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